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About Us


About NYP

NYP Corp Provides Burlap and Other Agricultural Supplies and Textiles throughout the United States & Canada

NYP Corporation (previously the New Yorker-Peters Company) is one of the few remaining wholesale converters of burlap, cotton, and related industrial textiles, in the USA. Originally founded as New Yorker Bag and Burlap by Gerald LaBelle and Nelson Gudema, these two young WWII veterans started their new business with a VA certificate to purchase surplus materials from the government.  

The hardworking pair found success supplying burlap bags and other textiles packaging materials to wholesale nurseries agricultural packers, industrial companies and a growing number of government agencies.

In spite of many challenges the company persevered. Through times of challenge and prosperity, NYP Corp. has always been guided by its owners’ commitment to the well being of their customers, employees, families and business.

NYP Corp. has provided wholesale nurseries, manufacturers, agricultural processors and governmental agencies with customized textile packaging for more than 60 years.

Our affiliation with these industries and other business related groups keeps NYP Corp. well informed of current events within each association. Our active support and involvement with the groups below and many more influences our business decisions as we strive to be the best provider for our customers.