Announcement: We have millions of emergency sandbags in stock and ready to ship.


We, at NYP Corp. are focused on applying responsible environmental principals in all of our business activities. The commitment to uphold environmental standards and practice health and safety awareness originates with our owners and is emphasized throughout all levels of responsibility within NYP Corp.

We comply with all federal, state and local environmental and safety regulations at all times. Furthermore, we commit to conserve energy and natural resources within our facilities, and promote the use of our earth- friendly products whenever possible.

Our Earth Friendly Products

  • Biodegradable, reusable Shopping Bag, the “Natural”

  • Bamboo tree stakes

  • Sisal twines and ropes

  • Treated and plain burlap

  • Burlap rolls and burlap windbreak

  • Jute “Soil Saver” matting

  • Multi-wall paper bags

  • Burlap bags

  • Cotton bags

  • Recycled used bags

  • Burlap sandbags

  • Cotton sandbags

  • Burlap spiral tubing

  • Burlap bales

  • Emergency burlap sandbags

  • NYP/East Coast Erosion Blankets

  • Burlap silt filtration

  • Upholstery webbing and “sagless” burlaps

  • Cotton rolled yard goods