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Plain & Treated Burlap

"No-Rot" also known as treated burlap, extends the life of the material, treated burlap, like our plain squares and liners, is bio-degradable but breaks down slower, ensuring a quality root ball from the field to final planting.

NYP Corp. first introduced “rot resistant” burlap to the nursery industry. The term “no rot” and NYP Corp. soon became synonymous with nurseries across the country. Nurserymen found that “no rot” treated burlap didn’t break down as fast as plain, ensuring a quality root ball from the field to final planting.

While treating extends the life of the material, treated burlap, like our plain squares and liners, is bio-degradable.

NYP Corp.’s treated and plain burlap are available in heavy and extra heavy grades. We offer either grade in squares, custom cone-shaped liners, balling bags, large sheets and roll lengths of 100, 125, 250, 500 and 1000 yd.

Rolled Burlap

Our standard 100 yard Windbreak Burlap Rolls are available in all grades and the following widths:


Custom-sewn wider widths are available upon request. Additional roll-up lengths of 125, 250, 500 and 1000 yd are always available. All rolls are put-up on heavy wall paper cores.

Burlap Balling Bags

Our spiral sewn bags/socks stretch and close to conform to root ball size, and are perfect for use with a JIFFY balling machine or soil mixed balling machines. All sizes of balling bags are available with convenient tying ears.

Sizes correspond to bucket size:
Sizes up to 60” are available and made to order.

Large Sheets

NYP Corp. heavy and extra heavy burlap leaf carrier sheets are available in both plain and treated burlap. In addition to hauling leaves these sheets can be used for everything from a breathable tarp to duck blinds.

8' x 8'
10' x 10'
12' x 12'

All sizes are packed in individual heat-sealed retail packs, and then packaged 10 per box. All sizes are available with tie-down metal grommets, upon request.

Blow Mold Nursery-Grade Containers

Item #
Outside Diameter
Approx. Volume


6.5 in / 16.50 cm

6.30 in / 16.00 cm

0.718 gal


6.5 in / 16.50 cm

7.20 in / 18.30 cm

0.73 gal


7.60 in / 19.30 cm

7.00 in / 17.80 cm

1 gal


9.20 in/ 23.50 cm

8.20 in/ 21.00 cm

1.5 gal


9.50 in / 24.30 cm

9.10 in / 23.30 cm

1.94 gal


9.80 in / 25.00 cm

9.40 in / 24.00 cm

2.25 gal


10.80 in / 27.50 cm

9.00 in / 23.00 cm

3 gal


11.40 in / 30.00 cm

10.00 in / 25.40 cm

3.58 gal


11.90 in / 30.30 cm

11.20 in / 28.50 cm

3.84 gal


14.20 in / 36.00 cm

11.80 in / 30.50 cm

6.08 gal


16.5 in / 41.9 cm

14.75 in / 37.50 cm

10.67 gal


18.10 in / 46.00 cm

16.00 in / 40.50 cm

13.66 gal


23.60 in / 60.00 cm

19.50 in / 49.50 cm

27.18 gal

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We have proudly served America’s nursery growers with quality twine, burlap, shade cloth, wire baskets and other products since the 1950’s NYP Corp. developed the industry’s first treated burlap, specifically for nursery use, and expanded our line of digging supplies to meet the needs of all tree growers, regardless of size.

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