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Spiral Tubing

Our woven spiral tubing is available in heavy and extra heavy burlap as well as woven polypropylene.

NYP Corp. is the only U.S. bag manufacturer currently producing this time-tested flexible packaging product. Our woven spiral tubing is available in heavy and extra heavy burlap as well as woven polypropylene. The unique characteristics of woven spiral tubing offer its user tremendous durability and unlimited size flexibility.

Woven spiral tubing is just that: a sewn tube in a continuous roll. The cloth cylinder is sewn edge-to-off-set edge at 45 degrees, creating a bias which allows the tube to stretch and return when pulled from the ends. The ability to stretch open, and then close tightly around the contents gives woven spiral-sewn tubing a wide range of packaging applications. The ends of your package can be quickly closed and secured with double- eye wire ties, more information about wire ties can be found in the Additional Products page.

NYP woven spiral tubing is used to package:

  • Rolled carpet and rugs
  • Rubber hose
  • Rolled textiles
  • Flag and lighting poles
  • Straw erosion wattles
  • Baled textile waste
  • Rolled roofing
  • Conveyor belting
  • Any unusually shaped product requiring a durable protective covering

NYP Corp. woven spiral tubing is sold by the pound and is available on rolls. Simply pulling off your desired length, adding enough to cover the ends, cut to length and slide over your product. We suggest closing the ends with wire ties.

Blow Mold Nursery-Grade Containers

Item #
Outside Diameter
Approx. Volume


6.5 in / 16.50 cm

6.30 in / 16.00 cm

0.718 gal


6.5 in / 16.50 cm

7.20 in / 18.30 cm

0.73 gal


7.60 in / 19.30 cm

7.00 in / 17.80 cm

1 gal


9.20 in/ 23.50 cm

8.20 in/ 21.00 cm

1.5 gal


9.50 in / 24.30 cm

9.10 in / 23.30 cm

1.94 gal


9.80 in / 25.00 cm

9.40 in / 24.00 cm

2.25 gal


10.80 in / 27.50 cm

9.00 in / 23.00 cm

3 gal


11.40 in / 30.00 cm

10.00 in / 25.40 cm

3.58 gal


11.90 in / 30.30 cm

11.20 in / 28.50 cm

3.84 gal


14.20 in / 36.00 cm

11.80 in / 30.50 cm

6.08 gal


16.5 in / 41.9 cm

14.75 in / 37.50 cm

10.67 gal


18.10 in / 46.00 cm

16.00 in / 40.50 cm

13.66 gal


23.60 in / 60.00 cm

19.50 in / 49.50 cm

27.18 gal

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