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Polypropylene Bags & Rolls

Pound for pound polypropylene is stronger than steel, and when woven into a fabric it creates a lightweight, durable material with applications in many industries.

Polypropylene bags are so versatile we offer them in both the industrial and agricultural areas of our web site.

Pound for pound polypropylene is stronger than steel, and when woven into a fabric it creates a lightweight, durable material with applications in many industries. In addition to bags, woven polypropylene (WPP) is used in furniture manufacturing, automobiles, highway construction, land management, home construction and recreational equipment.

At NYP Corp. we cut, sew, print, heat slit, roll and tube both domestic and imported woven poly. And, we offer most with custom printing.

We offer a variety of options on in-house, manufactured polypropylene bags:

  • Woven and non-woven (spunbond) poly fabrics
  • Specification weave count and fabric weight
  • Custom sewn tie strings and draw cords
  • Multi-color printing, front and back
  • Laminated, moisture barrier
  • With or without anti-skid
  • Unlimited sizes and quantities

Many of the same options are available on our imported poly bags:

  • 10x10 weave count, 750, 800 and 850 denier yarn
  • Hem tops
  • Multi-color printing (front and back)
  • Laminated, moisture barrier
  • Clear view side gusset
  • Single and double stitched bottoms
  • With or without anti-skid
  • Same day shipping on plain bags

Here are just some of the sizes currently available:

40”x54” and
ready to ship 14x26 sandbags

Typical uses for our woven polypropylene bags:

  • Military specification sandbags
  • Athletic reconditioning bags
  • Debris removal bags
  • Construction sandbags
  • Emergency flood protection sandbags
  • Customized shipping bags
  • Asbestos removal bags
  • Chemical bags
  • Bagged coal
  • Parts bags
  • Stone and gravel bags
  • Worm casting bags

Woven and Non-Woven Polypropylene Rolls

If it’s a durable, flexible fabric you are looking for, NYP Corp. has that too.
Through our domestic partnership and network of overseas sources virtually any fabric construction is available. You can specify:

  • Weave count per square inch
  • Yarn denier
  • Weight per square yard
  • Mesh or flat fabric
  • Color
  • Ultra violet rating
  • Tear strength

NYP Corp. also offers in-house custom heat slitting and rolling!

  • Our inventories include:
  • Woven black poly ground cover/3oz any width up to 15’
  • Beige Leno or Bempro/slit to order/126” thru 171”
  • Flat weave fabric coated 1600 UV/white/3.24oz/72/96/120”

Let NYP assist you with any of your polypropylene bag or rolled material needs.

Blow Mold Nursery-Grade Containers

Item #
Outside Diameter
Approx. Volume


6.5 in / 16.50 cm

6.30 in / 16.00 cm

0.718 gal


6.5 in / 16.50 cm

7.20 in / 18.30 cm

0.73 gal


7.60 in / 19.30 cm

7.00 in / 17.80 cm

1 gal


9.20 in/ 23.50 cm

8.20 in/ 21.00 cm

1.5 gal


9.50 in / 24.30 cm

9.10 in / 23.30 cm

1.94 gal


9.80 in / 25.00 cm

9.40 in / 24.00 cm

2.25 gal


10.80 in / 27.50 cm

9.00 in / 23.00 cm

3 gal


11.40 in / 30.00 cm

10.00 in / 25.40 cm

3.58 gal


11.90 in / 30.30 cm

11.20 in / 28.50 cm

3.84 gal


14.20 in / 36.00 cm

11.80 in / 30.50 cm

6.08 gal


16.5 in / 41.9 cm

14.75 in / 37.50 cm

10.67 gal


18.10 in / 46.00 cm

16.00 in / 40.50 cm

13.66 gal


23.60 in / 60.00 cm

19.50 in / 49.50 cm

27.18 gal

Our emergency, pre-filled sandbags provide excellent flood protection

Floods can strike quickly and with little warning which makes protecting you and your property a difficult proposition. Thankfully the folks at the US Geological Survey have created a comprehensive system to track and monitor flood areas. Don't wait until it is too late, contact us today!

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