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Baling Packaging Sheets

Providing custom cut burlap and woven polypropylene baling and packaging sheets is a natural for NYP Corp.

Providing custom cut burlap and woven polypropylene baling and packaging sheets is a natural for NYP Corp. With in-house converting we are capable of custom sizing, hemming or heat cutting raw edges on woven poly. We can also seam multiple widths for wide panels and in some cases we can custom print individual sheets. If your situation requires a moisture barrier, laminated sheets are also available. Many sizes are in stock and ready for shipment!

Typical uses for our burlap and poly packaging sheets:

  • Tobacco sheets
  • Textile waste baling sheets
  • Export clothing bales
  • Leaf carriers sheets
  • Textile fiber baling
  • Pallet covers
  • Nursery balling sheets
  • Hunting blinds
  • Reusable drop cloths

NYP Corp. also manufactures woven spiral bagging for wrapping bales. Bagging is produced from our Spiral Tubing and is cut to your specific length, then one end is sewn closed to create a large custom fitting bale cover. Our bagging can be produced from either NYP woven polypropylene or burlap tubing.

We are here to answer any question you might have on these and other NYP products, so please call or contact the NYP representative in your area!

Blow Mold Nursery-Grade Containers

Item #
Outside Diameter
Approx. Volume


6.5 in / 16.50 cm

6.30 in / 16.00 cm

0.718 gal


6.5 in / 16.50 cm

7.20 in / 18.30 cm

0.73 gal


7.60 in / 19.30 cm

7.00 in / 17.80 cm

1 gal


9.20 in/ 23.50 cm

8.20 in/ 21.00 cm

1.5 gal


9.50 in / 24.30 cm

9.10 in / 23.30 cm

1.94 gal


9.80 in / 25.00 cm

9.40 in / 24.00 cm

2.25 gal


10.80 in / 27.50 cm

9.00 in / 23.00 cm

3 gal


11.40 in / 30.00 cm

10.00 in / 25.40 cm

3.58 gal


11.90 in / 30.30 cm

11.20 in / 28.50 cm

3.84 gal


14.20 in / 36.00 cm

11.80 in / 30.50 cm

6.08 gal


16.5 in / 41.9 cm

14.75 in / 37.50 cm

10.67 gal


18.10 in / 46.00 cm

16.00 in / 40.50 cm

13.66 gal


23.60 in / 60.00 cm

19.50 in / 49.50 cm

27.18 gal

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We have proudly served America’s nursery growers with quality twine, burlap, shade cloth, wire baskets and other products since the 1950’s NYP Corp. developed the industry’s first treated burlap, specifically for nursery use, and expanded our line of digging supplies to meet the needs of all tree growers, regardless of size.

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